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Clash of clan Best 4 strategies to win the battle

Clash of clan is most probably the most played online mobile game ever. Its a strategic game of building lots of creatures, walls, troops,buildings e.t.c. each level is different level than another. yes its highly entertaining but at the same its really hard to play. In this short tutorial we will let you know how you can win a battle like a legendary player.

What is a battle in clash of clan?

Firstly we have to know what is a battle in clash of clan? Battle is like a indication of player and needs for resources. People can destroy player’s defense, building, resources for loot and trophy. 100 % destruction is sure 3 star and full resources loot. Its a very needy thing for going well ahead in this game.But winning a battle after TH 8 and in higher trophy is so much hard day by day.People can’t get much trophy and resources.

Clash of clan Best 4 strategies to win:

Is there any effective way to win a battle? Yes there is a effective way to win a battle. And now we will let you know the best 4 strategies to win the Battle in clash of clans effectively. The 4 strategies are-

  • Combination of troops:


Clash of clan Best strategies

A well combination of troops is significantly a effective way to win a match.
Follow a combination of troops like Giant, healer with tiny attacking backup of archers and barbarians. In higher level strong troops like pekkas, golem with velkyrie.

  • Use of Barbarian king and archer queen:

Using of barbarian king and archer queen. its also a effective way to win and finish a battle quickly. Upgrading your barbarian king and archer queen is definitely a game changing thing. That will help you to win a battle with winning percentage.

  • Using troops in the right place:

Clash of clan Best strategies to winEvery troops has a right place to use. Like:- wall-breaker is only used to break walls, that’s why wall-breakers don’t effect on buildings. placing a troop on a right place is a must for winning a battle. And knowing a troop structure and uses. see there information and how they react on battle

  • Searching opponent wisely:

Searching a opponent wisely. Can be game changing for getting loot resources and destruction. Do not get hurry to choose your opponent. Do more research. See their defense can it be possible to break it down and most importantly does it give you a nice loot and resources for upgrading your village.And don’t forget that the trophies that you achieve after you destroy the village.

Now that’s all are the 4 strategies to win a battle in clash of clans. Clash of clans is a addictive and joy full game that give you a freedom to create a village and battle with people. Hope this short tutorial will help you to win a battle. © 2017 Frontier Theme